Home Personal Trainer-Secrets Revealed: Steaming Your Meals is the Healthy Way to a Successful Diet

Home Personal Trainer-Secrets Revealed: Steaming Your Meals is the Healthy Way to a Successful Diet

Article by Bruce Hunter

Anyone who’s ever tried to cook a decent meal, and get everything right knows how hard it can be. In fact it can seem darn right impossible at times. But let’s face it, if you’re not a professional cook or chef then you can’t really expect to have a professionally cooked meal, or can you?

With all of the different cooking networks and shows out there, it’s hard to watch without wishing that you could re-create the meals that they make at home, but the truth is that you either attempt and it doesn’t work out, or you don’t even attempt because you’re afraid that it won’t turn out well.

One of the biggest problems is that the tools that you have to work with in your kitchen, and the tools that the professionals that you’re trying to emulate use are probably like night and day. They have all of the best equipment there is to work with, and frankly that’s one of the reasons there’s turns out so much better. Chances are that if they had to use your old banged up pots and pans there stuff wouldn’t turn out nearly as perfect as it does. The tools and utensils are a huge part of their success.

One of the most famous chef’s in the world has recognized this fact and therefore has done his best to try to make great cooking tools available to you. Emeril Lagasse is a world renowned chef and restaurateur, made mostly famous from his cooking shows on the Food Network “Essence of Emeril” and “Emeril Live”. He started out working in a bakery as a boy, discovered his talent, and went on to go to Johnson and Wales Culinary School and graduated in 1978. He quickly rose up the ladder of the cooking world, becoming Executive Chef of Commander Palace in New Orleans. Proving himself as a Creole and Cajun expert he went on to open his own restaurant in New Orleans called Emeril’s. He now owns ten restaurants and has a multimillion dollar empire.

So, in case you were wondering, I think it’s safe to say that Emeril Lagasse knows what he’s talking about – and furthermore – what you need in your kitchen to produce superior food at home. Emerils latest invention that’s going to help you “kick it up a notch” is the Emeril Steamer from T-Fal. You probably know that T-Fal makes some of the best, if not the best non-stick surface pans in the world, so you know that with the expertise of these two giants combining forces the Emeril Steamer has to be exceptional, and it is!

The Emeril Steamer basically makes cooking for your family about as easy as it gets. The Steamer has 3 completely separate compartments for food so that you can create a dinner for your family without all of the food running and leaking together. You can tell that Emeril created his Steamer so that it’s as easy as possible to use. Essentially, you fill the water compartment, add your food to the three large food baskets, hit a button and “Bam” you’ve got dinner going (pun intended).

To top it off, the steamer cooks food quickly so that it’s not an all day project for making dinner. Once you hit the steam button you’re off and the turbo speed steaming has begun. There’s a reversible non-stick drip tray where all three compartments drip separately ensuring that all of your food has its own separate natural taste.

Another beauty of the Emeril Steamer is that if you need to add an ingredient all is not lost once you’ve hit the button. You can simply hit the button, shut of the steam, add your ingredients, and start it back up again without any problems.

Now a lot of people have a problem when cooking large meals because they’re not able to get the timing right, and therefore will end up with one thing finished and having to sit, waiting for the rest of the meal. That’s not a worry with the steamer because everything is cooking at the same time, and you can add as you go so if you’ve got meat for instance that needs to cook a bit longer, you can go ahead and cook that and add the veggies later and your fine.

Steaming is great way to eat healthy while at the same time keeping the food tasting great, locking the natural flavors in – and the Emeril Steamer will let you do exactly that. If you’re ready to make dinner easily and quickly without all of the fuss and mess, then The Emeril Steamer cannot be recommend enough.

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Bruce Hunter is the CEO of CORE Magazine in Denver Colorado. CORE is the leading online source of information for healthy living and a home personal trainer.

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